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New history books in April 2024

by Anthony Webb, 1 May 2024

A few more on the shelf this month compared to last, with a couple that may even qualify for blockbuster history book status, if you are an E Cline or a Z Badawi fan...

Click the book covers to see a zoomed in image and links to Amazon if you like to buy your books there.

The Waiting Game: The Untold Story of the Women Who Served the Tudor Queens
A History of the World in 47 Borders: The Stories Behind the Lines on Our Maps
Britain's Slavery Debt: Reparations Now!
London: A History of 300 Years in 25 Buildings
An African History of Africa: From the Dawn of Civilization to Independence
The Book-Makers: A Story in Thirteen Extraordinary Lives
After 1177 B.C.: The Survival of Civilizations
Age of Revolutions: Progress and Backlash from 1600 to the Present
Venice: The Remarkable History of the Lagoon City
Arise, England: Six Kings and the Making of the English State
Populus: Living and Dying in the Wealth, Smoke and Din of Ancient Rome
The Carnation Revolution: The Day Portugal's Dictatorship Fell
Sound Tracks: Uncovering Our Musical Past
Fall of Civilizations: Stories of Greatness and Decline
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A few that I like the look of are:

  • After 1177 B.C.: The Survival of Civilizations, by Eric Cline. The prequel to this one (called 1177 The Year that Civlisation Collapsed) achieved something of cult status among ancient history books, so it will be interesting to see how Cline follows it up.

  • The Carnation Revolution: The Day Portugal's Dictatorship Fell, by Alex Fernandes. Another one of those books that makes you think 'I really should know more about...'. In this case it is the end of the Portugese fascist regime exactly 50 years ago on 24 April 1974.

  • Britain's Slavery Debt: Reparations Now!, by Michael Banner. This book is making a current moral-political argument about the history of Britain's participation in the slave trade. I would like to read the case for in this book and see if / to what extent I agree.

  • Arise, England: Six Kings and the Making of the English State, by Caroline Burt. I should also mention this one which I am currently reading with a review coming soonish!

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