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The eye of Justinian

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Podcast notes

When reading a book I will often search to see if the author has appeared on any podcasts to discuss their work. It is an amazing way to hear first-hand what the author is thinking and catch some of their enthusiasm for their subject. You might have seen that we have put links to podcast episodes that we have enjoyed at the bottom of our reviews.

These episodes are collected into the single podcast above provided by Listen Notes. This means that you can subscribe to this podcast with your favourite podcasting program and follow along in the same way as you would any other show.

When we add a review to this site, and if the author has appeared on a podcast episode, we will add this episode.

I should stress that we are not affiliated to any of these podcast shows that we are linking to, and we are not producing any podcasts episodes directly. In fact you can think of it as a "listening list" as much as a podcast.

All of these external podcasts remain fully credited and linked in the podcast notes, and all of the hosting remains with them. And they retain the credit if you buy any of the products they happen to be plugging on their shows 😀.