About us

We are an independent group of individuals who read history books for pleasure. We have no affiliation to any publishers, booksellers, authors, librarians, bookbinders, or papermakers and so can write independent reviews! We have a mission to find and review history books that might otherwise get overlooked.

Meet the reviewing team

Anthony Webb

Founder and Chief Website Officer of popularhistorybooks.com Anthony received his university education at the hands of (arguably) some of the greatest historians of the noughties, before branching out into a totally unrelated actuarial career. His favourite history books are:

Andrew Salisbury

A founding member of the site, Andrew studied not only history but also economics before deciding that both were less rewarding than serving the public as a corporate lawyer. But history literally runs in his veins: Andrew is a distant great nephew of the famous Victorian statesman Lord Salisbury. His favourite history books are:

Maddox von Ranke

Although his first love was numbers, history was always a close second for Maddox. He could often be seen darting into a maths lecture with a copy of “Secret missions of World War 2” or “SOE Tactics” poking out of the pocket of his duffel coat. This concealed obsession continues through to today as he looks to grapple with new history books on our readers’ behalf. Favourite history books:

Adrian Webb

Lawyer by day, musician by night (YouTube channel here), family man in the morning, and one-time amateur squash sports-journalist (internet archive here) Adrian was first introduced to contemporary history through a powerful but ultimately debilitating Beatles obsession in the mid-1990s. After completing a history degree he spent two decades in the historical wilderness, before returning to form with this website. Favourite books are:

Jenny Blakeley

Jenny has always had a keen interest in the past, having lived there for almost all of her life. Moreover she enthusiastically indulges in several pastimes including knitting, rope craft and dungeons & dragons. She also enjoys the occasional history book.